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Protect It
Trade Protect will help you to understand the insurance covers which are available to help protect your business from unexpected events.

Construction-related Insurance is normally purchased to protect assets – either directly or indirectly.

For example:

  • Damage to a company’s contract works can be insured under a Contractors All Risks policy.
    This is directly protecting the company’s assets

  • Injury to a member of the public can be insured under a Public Liability policy.
    This is indirectly protecting the company’s assets (since a successful 3rd party claim could potentially result in significant financial damage to the company’s finances)

Most companies have physical assets which they need to protect, generally with a Property Damage/Vehicle policy (i.e Contractors All Risks, Buildings, Contents, Vehicle/Fleet Insurance etc )

In addition, it is also important that businesses consider the potential 3rd party risks which they face, as this can pose significant risks to the company’s financial wellbeing in the event of a successful action by another party. But even defending such an action can be very expensive.

At Trade Protect, we can provide you with a range of policies/options which are suitable for your requirements, in order to protect your company’s assets.

It’s not a complete list, but here’s an idea of the policies that we can provide:

We will be very pleased to discuss:

  • Your requirements

  • The potential risks

  • The insurance options that are available