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Documents, Publications and Construction Insurance News
   Professional Indemnity for Contractors within the Building Trade
Article By David Mackinnon
Professional Indemnity Insurance was traditionally designed for and purchased by the so-called ‘professional trades’ such as architects, surveyors, accountants etc.... Find out more
   Design and construct Proposal Form - Trade Protect
Insurance Proposal Form
   Construction Risk Insights - Construction Site Safety Inspections
Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United Kingdom. HSE inspectors have the right to enter worksites without prior notice, although many will give notice where appropriate. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are prepared when inspectors come.... Read more ...
   Complying with CDM 2015
On 6th April 2015, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015 Regulations)—which work to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all construction projects ... Read more ...
   Construction Risk Insights Your Responsibilities in Inclement Weather
Since your employees work almost exclusively outdoors, the weather plays a large role in their daily working conditions. Sometimes, working in rainy, cold or snowy conditions is simply unavoidable, so it is important that your employees are prepared and educated on handling the conditions safely ... Read more ...
   Construction Safety Matters - Make Safety a Priority on the Job Site
Safety on the job site is something that all employees should take seriously – nothing less than the future of your family is at stake. They are counting on you to provide food and shelter and an on-the-job accident could very easily disable you, leaving security and future plans up in the air... Read more ...
   Risk Summary & Cover Checklist - Building Contractors
Building contractors generally specialise in constructing single family homes, commercial buildings, or specific types of buildings such as restaurants, factories or stadiums. Most have a set group of permanent employees... Read more ...